Thank you for your interest in our dogs. We will NOT be having puppies any time soon ( Sept 2019 ).  I have just had brain surgery and am taking some time to recover and will not be doing any breeding this year. But you can check back with us next year to see if that has changed. Thank you for contacting us, we hope you are able to find a wonderful companion for your family. 


Our next litter is a repeat breeding with Denali X Trooper. Their first litter, produced Arttu, Marley, Micah and Zeus. You can see Arttu's page under Our Dogs Owned by Others. The litter was born Nov 5th at 5:55am and all the puppies from this breeding are spoken for.


Nitro and Rebel will be getting their hip and elbow clearances at the end of July. Rebel has been paired with Baloo for her upcoming litter. We are still in the process of finding a suitable mate for Nitro. These litters should be in the early fall of 2018 or early 2019.