Thank you for your interest in our dogs. We have been raising Pure Bred CKC Registered Golden Retrievers under the kennel name YBFGoldens since 1995. Our dogs have been companion dogs, obedience dogs, show dogs, St John's First Aid therapy dogs, special needs helper dogs, seizure sensing dogs, cancer finding dogs and most importantly, family members to their owners. We selectively breed one, sometimes two litters a year, and ensure that our dogs have the necessary CERF ( Canine Eye Registration Foundation - Through OFA) clearances, Hip & Elbow X-rays ( to ensure they do not have hip or elbow dysplasia ) and heart check.  Copies of ALL OFA clearances are made for you in our Puppy Package. All of our dogs are listed on under their registered names. 

    From time to time, when I place a dog with a family, it becomes impossible for the owner to keep the dog. In this case, we want the dog back. No matter how many years it has been, or what the circumstances are. I take the responsibility of placing dogs into others' homes very seriously. They have no voice, and I am their representative. I am their advocate and it is my responsibility, having brought them into the world, to ensure their life is filled with all the joy that it can hold. I do not sell our dogs to homes that think of them as an "outside dog" or cannot or will not spend the necessary training time with the dog. What you put in, in training, you get out tenfold in a well socialized member of your family that you can take anywhere. 

     Over the 20 past years, we have needed to take back 6 dogs. Sandie was re-trained and became a hearing impaired helper who attended Harvard University with her new owner! Quinn was re-socialized, and was given a new name to start out his new life, re-named "Murphy" and given some basic obedience lessons, then went to Toronto to live out his life there with his new family! Jasper came back to us, an untrained and scared puppy, he found his forever home near us and lived his life out going to work everyday with his owner, greeting people and playing ball.  Yoda came back to us, still intact and an expert fence climber. He had gotten into trouble so many times at the Humane Society, that they knew him by name. After a name change to "Dakota", a neutering, and some basic manners training he found his forever home where they continued working on his training.  They also added a sister for Dakota and he was able to learn some new tricks from Andi as well.  WallE was returned as a nervous and untrained puppy. He was getting himself into trouble chewing things left in the backyard. His family were busy doing activities that didn't include him and he became bored and destructive in the backyard. When he came to us, he received some one on one training with Deb L. and learned to walk co-operatively on a leash and play with other dogs, he grew to know that when she left, that she was coming back. Slowly but surely, he grew to trust her and his behaviour improved dramatically. Nothing was shredded at her home the whole time he was there training! He was then placed in his forever home and re-named "Joey". And finally, Boss... he came back to us when his owner got a job promotion and was going to be doing a lot of travelling. He was very timid and unsure of himself when he returned home on the plane. He went to live with Fiona, who worked tirelessly teaching him over 200 sign language signs, encouraging him to try new things, and training him. Later the next year, Boss, who was renamed "Golden Opportunity" repaid her kindness and love by finding that she had cancer. They truly are a heaven sent team and the story does not end there. Years later, Opportunity showed Fiona a spot on his leg. It turned out to be cancer and with chemo treatments at the U of S we are optimistic that the story does not end there. Fiona & Kelly added a new boy to their family, "Inspiration", and he was able to sense/detect her seizures.  No matter what situation you find yourself in, it is better to have the dog come back to us and we can find a forever home for him/her. Please give them a second chance, if you find you cannot be their forever home! 

     I have served on the Board of Directors for the Golden Retriever Club of Canada, as the Prairie Director for 4 years. 

     I was the founding member of the Golden Retriever Club of Saskatchewan in 2005 and served as President of the Club ( which was everything from President, Fund Raising Co-ordinator, Editor of our email newsletter, and merchandise sales), which was dismantled in 2009 after the National that we hosted in Saskatoon, September 2008.  

     I have been involved in Conformation Show since 1996. In 2008, I served as the Show Chair for the 2008 Golden Retriever Club of Canada National Specialty, and wore many hats to ensure the event was a success. Sadly, there was not a lot of interest in keeping the club going after the National, and the new board dismantled the club. Saskatchewan STILL does not have a Golden Retriever Club, which is sad to me...but one person cannot run it all. It takes many interested and involved volunteers to keep it going.  

     Recently, we have added a new member to the operations side of it, Austin Van Cryenest, my son, joins me in the venture.  Austin has been showing dogs for me since he was a junior and has trained and finished Matrix during his limited show career.  We had the opportunity, to show our dogs at the 2015 National, with me, Ethan and Austin piloting our crew. It was very shortly after my first cancer diagnosis and treatments, and was more of a bucket list item than a competition as it was thrust upon us when a handler didn't show up for us. Turned out that was the best, disappointment we could have had since we were all able to take the dogs in together for Best Brood Bitch and Get, and it is a feat that will not likely happen ever again. Running barefoot in the outdoors ring with my boys and dogs will always be a highlight in my life, even if others don't understand the importance of this for us, we do. Sometimes, it is about seizing the moment and enjoying what life throws at you.  Austin is stepping back in the ring to show our new puppy, Porsche and will try his hand at some of the other dog sports with her as well. He owns a German Shepherd ( we don't hold that against him LOL) named Bentley and competes in Sprinter with him. Watch for Austin and Porsche, strutting their stuff in a few local shows. Austin has also added his name to the Kennel Registration and will function as Co-owner. Any puppy inquiries should still be directed to me. It is truly an honour to share my passion with my son. 

     We strive to ensure that instead of just breeding dogs, that we are improving the breed. It is with that in sharp focus, that we selectively breed only the best of the best

     We hope you enjoy your virtual tour, meeting all of our dogs and others we have produced that now live with others. 

     If you have any questions about our dogs, or us please contact us. References available upon request.


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