Mercedes, Reata, Bentley, Cruiser, Liberty, Shelby and Aspen

 Each dog that you see below held a special place in my heart, a time in my life and cannot ever be forgotten. Each one contributed to our home, my learning,  and my constant focus to breed a better golden. There were set-backs along the way, heart aches and triumphs...and each dog contributed to that in some way, much more than I could ever tell you about here.  As you read through our site and become aware of some of these moments, you will see why it is we do what we do. Why it is important to recognize where we started and focus on where we want to end up. It has been a remarkable journey and although it was always difficult to say good-bye to each of the dogs who held a special part of my heart, it is with the realization that we couldn't be where we are today without their contributions, that I take a moment, to appreciate and recognize their special personalities and abilities. For those of you who did not meet them, let me introduce to you, the trail blazers that started our kennel,  these inspirational animals that fuel our passion for the breed and our journey to where we are now. 


Mercedes was my first pure bred Golden Retreiver. She started it all. She was a gentle soul who was very loyal and quick thinking. She had a gift of knowing what to do when there was a crisis. She knew to lay across my Dad when he fell from a ladder having a heart attack, she barked until the neighbour noticed what had happened and needed to be lifted off of him to have the medics take him to the hospital. She knew to take my Mom by the hand to lead her to the door to go ouside, when my Mom had just been diagnosed as legally blind. She would know that my Dad was experiencing heart trouble and would go to him and sit with her head on his lap, preventing him from standing and possibly losing consciousness until the heart rate returned to normal or until the ambulance arrived.  She truly was a very special girl. Watching over us and making sure all of her people were safe and sound. She fostered many 'lost' cats and patiently waited for them to decide to be her friend...she knew eventually they would, and they did. She had four litters in her time and blessed them with many of her character traits. She fell asleep in the front window, with the sun shining in on her, sleeping on her special bed, and now she watches over us on the hill above our home. Sleep peacefully my sweet girl. 

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 Reatta was born in the second litter that Mercedes had. She was a sweet and athletic girl who loved to play fetch, swim, chase ducks, chase gophers, and was always up to go on a new adventure. She tollerated dressing up at Halloween even though I know she wasn't impressed at all. She had 2 beautiful litters of puppies. She was a great mom, a wonderful companion and gentle heart. She lived with us for 7 years, and then after complications during her last pregnancy, and losing all 11 puppies during an emergency c-section, I made the difficult decision to place her in another home. She visited several times over the years that followed, she was well loved and cared for but I never got over that decision. She was euthanized when she was found to have a terminal cancer. I will always love you, my little Wee Ree.