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Royal Canin

Beads on Leads
Custom made leads for your dog​

Klasi Kreations 
Custom made whelping supplies for your whelping box

Albert North Vet Clinic - Regina
Our breeding specialist!

TM'Z Vet Clinic - Lumsden 
Our local vet clinic​

U of S Small Animal Clinic - Saskatoon
The only clinic in the province to do all the clearances

Regina Humane Society
Saves and adopts animals, my dad was a founding member

Pink Warrior Foundation
100% of all donations go to cancer research!

Pink Warrior
Shop for great gifts, and make a contribution to cancer research at the same time!

Inspiration Oncology Fund

Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Foundation
Canine Cancer Research!

Smiling Blue Skies Jewelry & Art 
Come and see the beautiful custom work that can be done!​


Some leads made by Joanne at Beads on Leads

 We proudly feed ROYAL CANIN to all of our Puppies and Expectant Mothers.

I had the great good fortune to be invited to hear about the launch of Golden Retriever 25 in Chicago in 2006 and worked tirelessly to have Royal Canin accepted by the GRCC for the sponsor of the National in 2008. Some other provincial clubs have followed suit and also have Royal Canin as their sponsor.

The team of people that they have working to ensure quality formulations are done for specific breeds is astounding. We have been saddened to learn that when our puppy owners have gone to purchase Royal Canin for their pet that Pet Store employees have taken it upon themselves to cross sell other products, making claims that must meet various quotas they as a store must reach. The fact is, Royal Canin has worked VERY well for us. We Start with A Breeder Product called HT 42 D Large Dogs at the time of the mom's first heat, switching to Maxi Starter when it is 42 days into the gestation and until the puppies are 6-7 weeks old, and finally to Maxi Puppy  or Golden Retriever Puppy for mom and babies until the puppies go to their new homes. At that point we send home a bag of food with the puppy to get you started. We have found that is helps grow out the puppy in a uniform manner and reduces the chances that your dog will grow out fast, develop pano ( a painful long bone condition from too much protein in the food ) and Royal Canin has a Golden Retriever 25 product that is perfect for pet owners - no need to add any supplements to our feeding schedule when you are feeding this. 

Our local representative is Christine Irwin 204 801 0034 and you can get to the page by clicking the above link. 

We send puppies home with information from Royal Canin and encourage you to fill out the puppy information they send. When you tell them we referred you, we get points toward purchasing items for our next litter and YOU get coupons for money off on your next purchases. Win - Win. 


Royal Canin Puppy Food

Royal Canin Golden Retriever 25

Custom Whelping box supplies!

The C section box that came with the whelping box kit. Got to try it out with Cooper X Baloo's litter. Worked like a charm!

Puppies in the C section box at the vet! Worked like a hot damn! I love it. No more laundry basket for me. I am a convert!

Whelping box pad and the new crew trying it out. I am SO glad I ordered extra box pads with my order. I have 4 pads.